Caring for Sensitive Skin

As a baby and then throughout my childhood I suffered from eczema, I still have outbreaks now – especially if I’m stressed or try a new product that inevitably causes an allergic reaction (but I’m a beauty junkie, what’s a girl to do?!).

I was really hoping that my daughter Mabel would inherit her father’s seemingly perfect and issue adverse skin. I swear, he could wash his face in heavily scented shampoo and it would still be absolutely radiant and redness free. Unfortunately, my daughter follows me in the sensitive skin stakes, even some recommended eczema specific products aggravate her existing flaky patches and makes her itch to the point of being so uncomfortable, she is unable to sleep.

10 tips for taking care of babies' sensitive skin, including applying nappy care ointment every time you change a nappy.

I was concerned that due to her hyper sensitivity she would inevitably develop nappy rash but her bottom has always remained peachy and completely clear, I put this largely down to our vigilant use of Bepanthen® nappy care. Not only did it seemingly prevent soreness but she hasn’t ever had a negative reaction to it, I kept a tube in her nursery, one in her travel bag and a back-up in the bathroom just in case we ever ran out!

As well as Bepanthen® nappy care ointment I found Bepanthen® Sensiderm excellent for chapped hands and particularly dry areas, it is very emollient and stays on the skin until you choose to remove it. In terms of bathing, I use a warm flannel and a very small amount of 0% shower gel (no fragrance and no colorants). I also favour unperfumed wet wipes which ironically are only slightly damp – which I prefer, they remove any unwanted accidents without leaving too much residue.

I found using certain detergents to wash Mabel’s clothes caused irritation and after trialling several brands I discovered non-bio laundry liquid. It actually works at removing difficult stains whilst being super gentle on delicate skin.

Now that baby number two is on the way I’m confident that I know which products and bathing methods work so it will save me a great deal of trial and error frustration. Please see my tops tips below!

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